RNC only confirms: choice for next President could not be clearer

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Margie Alt

Tappan Parker

Washington, DC – On the heels of a Republican National Convention at which protections for the environment and climate were alternately maligned and ignored, Environment America reiterated its endorsement of the presumptive Democratic nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton, for President of the United States. Margie Alt, Environment America executive director, issued this statement:

“Since the rise of the modern environmental movement, our water is cleaner, our air is less polluted, and our natural areas are better protected. But grave challenges remain for our environment and quality of life — from ensuring the supply of clean, potable water for all Americans, to our overreliance on dirty, dangerous energy sources, to the extreme weather and rising seas that come with the global threat of climate change. 

“Secretary Hillary Clinton is a proven leader and change-maker who will double-down on the environmental progress we’ve made and push forward for a healthier climate and a cleaner, greener America. She has championed initiatives for clean energy, environmental justice, and ending tax breaks for Big Oil. As Secretary of State, she made addressing climate change a top priority. She’s pledged to protect the Atlantic and Arctic oceans from dirty drilling, and made global warming, the quality of our drinking water, and clean energy – especially solar — a major part of her conversation with voters.

“After a Democratic primary full of robust debate and meaningful citizen engagement about the future of our planet, and a Republican National Convention that contained the opposite, the stakes for our air, water, and climate could not be higher, and the choice could not be clearer for President of the United States.

“While Secretary Clinton will take us boldly forward, Donald Trump has unflaggingly pledged to take our country far backward. He has promised to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. He has urged more drilling, fracking, and a market-defying revival of dirty coal. He has called climate change a hoax and promised to “rescind” the historic Paris agreement to avert dangerous global warming.

“Donald Trump would be a disaster for our air, our rivers and streams, and the very future of our planet. Environment America is proud to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton to protect our landscapes, our health and our kids’ future.”