Statement: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission acts wisely, dismissing New England Ratepayers Association petition

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Bronte Payne

FERC avoids federal takeover of solar rights

Environment America

WASHINGTON– The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) dismissed a petition Thursday from the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA) that threatened crucial state net metering policies and states’ long-held jurisdiction over solar rights. 

This decision comes after more than 57,000 comments from utility commissions, advocacy organizations, state officials, members of Congress and the public were submitted in opposition to the petition. In contrast, there were only 22 public comments in support of the NERA petition. 

Environment America Go Solar Campaign Director Bronte Payne issued the following statement in support of the decision: 

“Today’s decision by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission speaks for the entire country. Americans have made it clear that they want solar power. That’s why more than 2.2 million families and 100,000 businesses have already invested tens of billions of their own dollars in energy independence. FERC has acted in their best interest by protecting the rights of solar owners. 

“Net metering, which fairly compensates solar owners for the excess energy that they put back into the grid, is a critical policy for encouraging more people to go solar. With this policy still in place in states across the country, local solar can continue to grow — helping to reduce pollution and create healthier, more livable communities.”


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