Statement: Ohio must repeal state’s House Bill 6

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Bronte Payne

Josh Chetwynd

Consumers shouldn’t be footing the bill to bail out fossil fuels

Environment America

BOSTON — Based on charges related to Ohio’s House Bill (HB) 6, Ohio Speaker of the House of Representatives Larry Householder was arrested Tuesday along with four associates in connection with a $60 million federal racketeering case. 

HB 6 is a policy aimed at bailing out nuclear and coal plants while gutting renewable and efficiency standards in the state. It was introduced after FirstEnergy Solutions, now named Energy Harbor, filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court, claiming that it could not compete with cheaper energy sources. HB 6 passed the Ohio legislature and was signed by Gov. Mike DeWine in July 2019. After initially backing the bill and being opposed to its repeal, the governor has reversed course. He called for HB 6’s repeal on Thursday but continues to support the idea behind the policy. 

Environment America Go Solar Campaign Director Bronte Payne issued the following statement: 

“This is corruption, plain and simple, and HB 6 should be repealed as quickly as possible. But let’s be clear, HB 6 should never have passed in the first place. This bill not only bails out dangerous and dirty fossil fuels on the backs of ratepayers, but it also guts important renewable and energy efficiency standards that reduce pollution, protect our health and save consumers money. 

“This is an egregious case of a special interest illegally paying to get their way to the detriment of everyone else. HB 6 is a reckless and backward-looking policy that shackled Ohio to the outdated and polluting energy systems of the past. Governor DeWine has now called for its repeal and lawmakers in Ohio should join him. It’s time to get rid of HB 6 and put in place the policies that move the Buckeye State to a cleaner and healthier energy future.” 


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