Statement: Vanderbilt University announces first step in transitioning its campus to 100 percent renewable energy

Media Contacts
Bronte Payne

Josh Chetwynd

Environment America Research & Policy Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Vanderbilt University announced today its first step in implementing the school’s commitment to 100 percent renewable energy. The university will partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Nashville Electric Service to procure renewable energy from a 35 megawatt solar farm to be built in Bedford County, Tenn. 

The new solar farm will supply enough renewable energy to offset approximately 70 percent of Vanderbilt’s indirect greenhouse gas emissions from purchased electricity – the equivalent of taking nearly 7,000 cars off the road for a year. 

Environment America Research & Policy Center’s 100% Renewable Campuses Campaign Director Bronte Payne issued the following statement regarding the announcement: 

“Vanderbilt University’s commitment to transition off fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 has made the school a nationwide campus leader on clean energy. Now, the school is putting those words into action with this new solar farm, which will play a key role in meeting Vanderbilt’s ambitious goals. 

“We look forward to working with students and administrators at Vanderbilt to continue making  it a shining example of higher education leadership in the clean energy revolution.” 


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