Protect Our Oceans

The United Nations sets out to preserve 30% of our oceans by 2030

In a 35-hour debate, UN officials agreed to the High Seas Treaty and the importance of conserving our oceans.


Atlantic Ocean beach
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This weekend, after a marathon debate, delegates from the United Nations (UN) agreed on the High Seas Treaty. This initiative will legally require member countries to conserve 30% of global waters by 2030 and dedicate additional funding resources towards marine conservation efforts.

Just last December, the UN made a historic agreement to preserve 30% of our world’s lands, coastal areas and inland waters by 2030.

Conservation efforts are critical in the fight against climate change and a warming world. Healthy ecosystems, like mangroves and marshes, are more effective at buffering climate impacts and are the oceans largest heat and carbon sinks.

With the High Seas Treaty, the UN set a high bar for ocean conservation, one that aligns with the goals in the “America the Beautiful” initiative here at home. Will we clear this high bar? We’re working to answer that with a resounding Yes.

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