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Renewable energy predicted to grow

How fast is renewable energy replacing fossil fuels for power generation in America? Which renewable energy sources are growing fastest? The Energy Information Administration's latest forecast offers insights.

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Bureau of Land Management | Public Domain

On January 10th, the Energy Information Administration (EIA), which is the statistical agency of the Department of Energy, released its latest short-term energy outlook.

Key findings include that renewable energy sources will be the main contributor of growth in U.S. electricity generation. U.S. renewables generation is forecasted to rise from 21% in 2022 to 24% in 2023 and to 26% in 2024. The agency predicts that about two-thirds of the increase in renewables generation will come from new utility-scale solar photovoltaic capacity and most of the remainder is from new wind projects.

“America’s renewable energy potential is abundant, said Johanna Neumann, Senior Director of Environment America’s Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy. “The sooner we power our lives with solar and wind, the better it will be for our health and our planet.”

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