America’s clean air, water, health come in dead last in “America First” Budget

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Emma Spett

Environment Colorado

Today, President Trump released his first proposed budget to Congress. Below is a statement from Emma Spett of Environment Colorado, on the president’s budget proposal.

“President Trump’s budget is dirty and dangerous and fails to protect our health or our planet. This budget virtually eliminates funding for proven programs needed to clean up the nation’s great waterways from the San Francisco Bay to the Puget Sound, and from the Great Lakes to the Colorado River. This budget also fails to address the Flint water crisis or dozens of other lead in drinking water disasters. Slashing EPA’s overall budget by more than a third means the agency cannot adequately enforce our clean air and clean water safeguards. It is basically a “get out of jail free card” for polluters. In addition, Trump’s proposed budget underfunds environmental issues that matter to millions of Americans—like climate action, clean energy, and our national parks.”

“Congress should reject this budget. America’s clean air, water and our health come in dead last in this so-called “America First” budget. This is not the future our families or the planet deserve.”


Environment Colorado is a statewide, citizen-based advocacy organization working for a cleaner, greener, healthier future.