America’s President hails new era for environment and economy

Media Releases

Environment Colorado

“President Obama has heralded a new era for our environment and the New Energy Economy. The President’s vision is bold and his words strong.

“Change has come to Washington. We now have a leader who is willing to take on the greatest threat to our environment and our economy: global warming. President Obama’s call for a market based cap sets the stage for Congress to act boldly and swiftly.

“And by placing a massive investment in renewable energy at the core of his economic recovery plans, we can create jobs, rebuild our economy, and cut global warming pollution.

“Colorado has proven that investing in the New Energy Economy is sound. Governor Bill Ritter’s relentless support for clean energy has created tens of thousands of jobs in our state. Now with a President that shares that same vision, Colorado’s success will help lead our country in building the national New Energy Economy.

“Swift and strong action is needed. Global warming would threaten Colorado’s water security, create longer, more intense wildfire fire seasons, ruin wildlife habitat, and devastate our outdoor recreation economy.

“Tonight, President Obama gives us hope to win the fight against global warming.”