As Obama takes his oath of office, he makes a promise to “Repower America”

Environment Colorado

“To see exactly what today’s inauguration of Barack Obama means for America, look no farther than the White House website. 

“After Obama was sworn in to office, his administration immediately posted a new energy agenda which would ‘Repower America’ with clean energy. 

“The plan Obama put forth today would create millions of green collar jobs, reduce our dependence on oil through advanced technology vehicles, and cut global warming pollution 80% by 2050. 

“President Obama offers the hope of ‘Repowering America’ by creating a green recovery for our economy. Building a national New Energy Economy contributes to our nation’s long-term prosperity, re¬builds our communities, and protects our environment.

“More than a million people gathered today on the National Mall witnessed the inauguration of our 44th President Barack Obama and the promise of what his leadership may bring. 

“Change has come to Washington, and now it is up to us to realize the dream to ‘Repower America.'”

The energy agenda can be found at