Colorado Puts Green Foot on the Gas

Environment Colorado

Gov. Ritter’s announcement that Colorado joined the EcoDrive program put’s everything in gear to save money for Coloradans and cut global warming pollution, but we need to get moving faster. Colorado needs to adopt the Clean Cars Program. Unfortunately, the Auto Dealers Association is blocking that road. If they are concerned about helping Coloradans save money at the pump, they should endorse the program. The Clean Cars Program will save Coloradans billions of dollars at the pump and cut the state global warming pollution by an amount equal to taking 2 million cars from the road. In addition, the program would ensure that Coloradans get access to the hybrids they want.

We’ve seen this in the past; a strong public education campaign can help people save money and energy. The simple steps outlined by Gov. Ritter are an important first start to cutting the state’s global warming pollution— a solution that will help Coloradans save money.

Today Colorado put its green foot on the gas to saving driver’s money and cutting global warming pollution. Gov. Ritter’s announcement that Colorado will join the EcoDrive program demonstrates a clear vision of what is good for Colorado and Coloradans.