Commission deliberates on landmark Clean Air Plan

Environment Colorado

DENVER, CO — The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) began deliberations this afternoon to approve a plan under the landmark “Clean Air, Clean Jobs” Act. Regulators have worked for eight months to implement the Act, which passed the legislature last spring, and created a framework for replacing old, inefficient and dirty coal-fired power generation with cleaner energy solutions that provide for healthier air and clean energy jobs for Colorado.

Below is a statement from Pam Kiely, program director of Environment Colorado on the outcome of today’s deliberations. 

“The merits of the case speak for themselves.  Fully retiring these old, inefficient, facilities is the most cost-effective option and the one that best protects our children and families from the health impacts of air pollution. It is absolutely critical that the big questions aren’t punted, and Coloradans know with certainty that the most dirty, dangerous power on our system will be permanently replaced.”

“Clean Air, Clean Jobs was widely supported by a diverse group of energy companies, legislators from both political parties, public health advocates, local governments and conservation groups.

“We hope the Commission reaches a decision that honors the intent of the legislature– a decision that will secure healthier air for millions of Coloradans by charting a permanent transition to phase out Denver’s single largest source of harmful pollution while building a strong, modern clean energy economy.”