Economy Repowered with Green Jobs, More Clean Energy

Media Releases

Environment Colorado

Denver, CO – Yesterday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced a final deal on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The bill contains an estimated $70 billion in clean energy, energy efficiency, and public transportation funding. Environment Colorado Energy Advocate Keith Hay issued the following statement in response:

“With a push from Colorado’s clean energy champs, Congress seized the opportunity to repower America and recharge the economy.  The more than $70 billion in clean energy, energy efficiency, and public transportation funding will be a clear boost to Colorado’s economy. By investing today in a cleaner, greener, future, we’ll have an economy that creates more good jobs right here at home, is more energy secure, and causes less global warming pollution.

“Thanks to the leadership of Gov. Ritter and the legislature on the new energy economy, we have the infrastructure and shovel ready programs that can handle the money today. Because Colorado is a seedbed for a national new energy economy, we expect to harvest even more green jobs. But Coloradans in places like Windsor and Pueblo know that green collar jobs are not some distant dream; they are putting people to work today. 

“This deal represents a sensible, smart solution to getting the green economic recovery on track. Colorado has shown that it can be done— growing jobs, protecting the environment, and keeping our economy strong. Now we can export what we’ve learned nationally and Repower America.”