Environment Colorado laments feds’ decision to repeal Clean Car Standards

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Garrett Garner-Wells

DENVER — Today, the Trump administration announced new vehicle emission guidelines which roll back the existing Clean Car Standards. This regressive move betrays the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)’s stated mission of protecting human health and the environment. It will get rid of our nation’s best climate change mitigation program, which is cutting future carbon emissions more effectively than any other current federal policy. 

Environment Colorado director Garrett Garner-Wells released the following statement:

“How can we justify rolling back the most effective tool we have to take on global warming?

“Adopting this irresponsible proposal would exacerbate the global warming that now turbocharges once-benign rainstorms and extends Colorado’s wildfire season. Polls show that 50 percent of Americans believe that global warming will harm them personally, and 75 percent think it will harm future generations. As too many Coloradans know all too well, extreme weather, wildfires, tick-borne diseases and other worsening climate-related scourges are already impacting our families, homes and businesses.

“We need national leaders who understand that a stable climate is a crucial foundation for a strong country and healthy Colorado. We should reject this short-sighted move, reverse course immediately, and once again become a leader on global warming solutions.”