Environmental activists urge Sen. Gardner to act on climate change

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Morgan Hayward

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America

Sen. Gardner should follow Sen. Bennet’s lead

Environment Colorado

Denver, Colorado — Activists affiliated with Environment Colorado implored Sen. Cory Garder to take stronger action on global warming Friday, delivering more than 1300 petitions to the senator’s Denver and Colorado Springs offices. To date, the Trump Administration has rolled back nearly 100 environmental protections, including lowering clean car standards and easing methane regulations. While senators of both parties have criticized these rollbacks, Sen. Gardner has not. 

“Climate change affects us all and it demands real solutions that meet the scope of the problem,” said Eric Timlin, field organizer with Environment Colorado. “If we don’t act quickly, we’ll have even less water in the Colorado River, heightened risk of wildfire, and more dangerous summer heat waves. We are calling on Senator Garder to listen to the scientists and his constituents, and support policies that address climate change.”

In Colorado, climate change is drying up the Colorado River, which provides drinking water to millions of westerners. New polling from the State of the Rockies also shows that 63 percent of Coloradans support action on the issue. And in contrast to Sen. Gardner, the state’s other senator, Sen. Michael Bennet, has been vocal about the climate crisis and has co-sponsored the Clean Economy Act of 2020, a bill that aims to reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. to net-zero by 2050.

“Sen. Gardner should follow Sen. Bennet’s lead, and the will of the majority of Coloradans, to oppose the Trump administration’s rollbacks and support climate action,” said Ashley Kneemueller, a student at the University of Denver. “Our generation has the most to lose if the Trump administration moves forward with an agenda that pumps more global warming emissions into the atmosphere. Real solutions exist today that would make a difference. It’s time for Sen. Gardner to put aside partisanship and fight for our future.”


Environment Colorado is a citizen based advocacy organization that works to protect our clean air, water, and open space.