Future of America and the planet depends on a Clean Energy Economy

Media Releases

Environment America

“When President Obama addresses both houses of Congress tonight, we expect solving global warming and jump-starting a clean energy economy to be an underlying theme, as it has been in so many of his speeches to date.

The president sees what more and more Americans are realizing: that many of America’s challenges are connected to failed energy policies of the past that have left us over-reliant on fossil fuels. Depending on oil, coal, and natural gas for energy pollutes our air and water, is the leading cause of global warming, and leaves our economy vulnerable to the price spikes of a global fuel market.  President Obama understands that clean energy solutions to global warming will protect our environment, reduce our dependence on oil and recharge our economy. From the first days of this administration, he has pursued exactly those policies. 

“The president made clean energy a cornerstone of his economic recovery plan, directed his Environmental Protection Agency to reexamine positions on regulating global warming and fuel economy in cars, and has prepared a budget that assumes revenue from capping global warming pollution. President Obama is clearly committed to solving our energy crisis and fighting global warming. 

“The choice for America and Congress is clear. We can help President Obama put millions of Americans to work building a clean energy future or stay the course with oil companies and other polluters that favor the status quo. The clean energy and public transit investments in the economic recovery package are a solid down-payment on our clean energy economy but we must go farther. We can repower America with 100 percent clean electricity, cut our oil dependence in half, and cut global warming pollution by at least 35 percent by 2020 – moves that will create millions of jobs. Now is the time to put American ingenuity and technological know-how to work designing 21st century solutions to our energy and pollution problems.”