Gov. Polis signs electric vehicle executive order, bolstering climate action efforts

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Kelsey Maxwell

Environment Colorado

In a move that will speed up Colorado’s transition to electric vehicles, newly elected Gov. Jared Polis signed executive order B 2019 002. The mandate calls for three key actions that will jumpstart the use of electric cars and decrease climate-hindering pollution in the state.

“Coloradans are already feeling the effects of climate change and environmental degradation is only expected to worsen if we do not take action,” said Kelsey Maxwell, Environment Colorado’s Clean Cars Organizer. “Electrifying our transportation sector is one of the many essential advancements our state must pursue to protect our environment, our air, and our communities.”

The executive order focuses on electric vehicles. It includes the following:

  • Calls for the adoption of a zero emissions vehicle program (ZEV) by Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission. Adopting the ZEV program means auto manufacturers must ensure that, by 2025, 9 percent of cars sent to Colorado sales lots are electric vehicles.   

  • Directs all remaining money from the Volkswagen settlement to be used to transition buses and trucks to electric-powered. This changes the current plan, which previously allowed some money to go to natural gas and propane-powered vehicles.

  • Creates a new interagency workgroup to move electrification forward across the state. This action point also calls on the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to develop a policy and plan to ensure they are supporting transportation electrification.

“It’s already clear that Coloradans are calling for action on climate,” Maxwell added. “Utility providers and municipalities are making bold commitments to protect our environment and now our state government is following suit. Governor Polis’ charge to clean up Colorado’s transportation sector is exactly what communities across Colorado want to protect our health, our air, our environment, and our economy.”

Transportation is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Colorado. As our state’s utility sector is rapidly transitioning to renewable energy, electric vehicles are set to become an increasingly greener and cleaner mode of transportation.