Ritter balances budget, makes sound judgment for environment

Environment Colorado

DENVER—Today, Gov. Ritter’s budget office announced new recommendations to balance the FY 2009-2010 state budget. Environmentalists applauded the Governor for executing sound judgment and ensuring protection of Colorado’s air, water, and land.

“Even with the economic crisis, Gov. Ritter has made smart decisions to ensure that key programs to protect our air and water quality remain strong. We recognize these were tough decisions and commend the Governor,” said Pam Kiely legislative program director of Environment Colorado.

Colorado faces a projected $1 billion shortfall, due to the rapid decline in state revenue during the national recession, which lawmakers must address in the current legislative session.

“We agree with the governor that our goal must be to come together and protect public safety and core state functions, while preserving the progress we’ve made over the last two years toward building a New Energy Economy,” added Kiely.  “We’re already seeing the short-term economic dividends from this long-term investment in clean energy jobs.”