State of State: Green recovery ready to go

Environment Colorado

“With the 2009 session officially underway, Gov. Ritter has put continued investment in clean energy technologies and building the New Energy Economy exactly where is belongs—at the center of his economic recovery plan. 

“The green recovery program is ready to go. Colorado’s homegrown wind and solar industry has been the bright spot in an otherwise faltering economy, creating 88,000 jobs and $1.8 billion of new investments in 2007 alone. 

“It’s time to reboot Colorado’s economy. The unfolding crisis underscores the urgency, and the recent success of the renewable energy industry statewide demonstrates the wisdom of repowering our economy with investments in clean technology and energy efficiency. 

“This challenge brings extraordinary opportunity. Building Colorado’s new energy economy not only means good, green collar jobs and more dollars invested right here in local economies, but also long-term energy security; less global warming pollution; fewer asthma attacks from air pollution; and cleaner lakes and rivers for drinking water, swimming and fishing. This reboot gives us the chance to build a clean, sustainable foundation for the long-term.”