West Slope clean energy pioneers

Environment Colorado

Among the stops, Gov. Ritter will today as part of his annual tour of the state stop in Montrose where he will recognize the Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) for its commitment to promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

On his three city tour of the West Slope, Gov. Ritter will focus on economic issues facing that part of the state. The West Slope and Colorado need to make investments that will allow the state to take advantage of the economic recovery bill in Washington. By making the right investments in energy efficiency, renewable and transit, Colorado will be in position to take full advantage of a green economic recovery.

Keith Hay issued the following statement:

“The ultimate goal this year is to reboot Colorado’s economy. Investing in energy efficiency creates good green jobs while also cutting energy costs for Coloradans and protecting our environment.  Fortunately, Gov. Ritter and DMEA understand that doing more with less is an important first step in the New Energy Economy.

“At a time of economic hardship and rising energy prices Delta-Montrose Electric Association is helping its members by supporting investments in efficiency and renewable energy.  These investments are helping Coloradans today and will just keep on helping into the future.

“We need to repower Colorado, and that starts by making sure that every Coloradan can invest in efficiency. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to efficiency or renewable energy through their local energy provider.  Thankfully, however, some of the state’s energy providers like DMEA are leading the way. “