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Help protect vital habitat for the Green sea turtle

Sea turtles face threats from marine debris, habitat loss, climate change and bycatch. They need habitat protections. Comments to NOAA on this proposal are due by 10/17.


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I speak to you today not just as a U.S. senator but as a proud heat pump owner myself
Supporting Environment Colorado is the very best way we can reverse environmental deterioration and improve the quality of our many treasured state resources including water, air, farmland and incomparable natural wonders. Tim and Julie Walsh, Members, Environment Colorado
We continue our financial support of Environment Colorado and Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center because ... [of] their research and policy branch, ...[and]... their intelligent, informed, committed advocacy at the Colorado Legislature. Phyllis Updike, RN, PhD, Member, Environment Colorado
I encourage everyone to care for our environment because every aspect of our lives depends upon it, and we are the ones responsible for its care and preservation. Theresa Gallant, Member, Environment Washington
It is now apparent that we need to take significant action in the next few years if we are to have any chance of avoiding the really significant impacts of a changing climate. Bruce Parker, Member, Environment America