Save the bees

Businesses calling for Colorado to save the bees

bee on flower
seznandy |

Dear Colorado state leaders,

 As a member of the Colorado business community, I’m joining the call to Save the Bees statewide.

 Nearly ¼ of native bee species are imperiled. Honeybee colonies throughout the country are collapsing. Everything in nature is connected, and bee die-offs are no exception.

Our natural world needs bees, and so do we. 

 Scientists point to a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids (or “neonics,”) as one of the causes of bee die-offs.

 We need to reduce pollinator’s exposure to neonics by banning the sale of neonics to the general public and eliminating the use in sensitive areas like schools. We can’t afford to lose any more pollinators. We need to save the bees.



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