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A wilderness and endangered species advocate visits Colorado

Environmen Colorado co-hosted author, activist and advocate Doug Peacock to discuss his most recent memoir

TPIN Staff | Used by permission

In Edward Abbey’s 1975 novel “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” the central character is George Washington Hayduke, a Vietnam veteran and rugged outdoorsman

Abbey based the character Hayduke on a real-life character: Doug Peacock, who became Abbey’s close friend. Peacock became an author himself and, perhaps more importantly, devoted the rest of his life to saving America’s grizzly bears.

We recently co-hosted an event with Save the Yellowstone Grizzly at Explore Booksellers  where Peacock read from his new memoir, Was it worth it? The title is a reference to whether a life spent fighting for the planet was, despite all the hardships and disappointments, worthwhile.

Spoiler alert: It was.

Read more in The Aspen Times.

Public Lands Campaign Director, Ellen Montgomery and Doug Peacock before the event at Explore BooksellersPhoto by TPIN Staff | Used by permission

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