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New data shows 72% bumble bee decline in parts of Colorado

Environment Colorado held a media event to highlight a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that finds a 72% bumble bee decline in Colorado from 1998-2020 pointing to neonic pesticides as one of the causes of bee die-offs.

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Environment Colorado's Natalie Woodland joins Free Range Bee Hive to highlight new data on bee die-offs

The study also looks at future predictions of bumble bee declines in the western United States, noting that “By the 2050s, [the] most optimistic scenario predicts occupancy declines in almost half of [the] ecoregions; more severe scenarios predict declines in all ecoregions ranging from 51 to 97%.”

With the state’s pesticide applicators’ law up for review this year, now would also be a good time to take action to protect pollinators by restricting bee-killing neonic pesticides. We can’t afford the trajectory we’re on for our food supply and our ecosystems.

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