Clean energy

Renewables on the Rise 2022 Launch Event

1:00 - 2:00pm EDT


Franco Lucato |

Environment America Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group unveiled Renewables on the Rise 2022, a new interactive web-based dashboard that allows users to explore and compare state-level growth of wind energy, solar power, energy storage, electricity energy efficiency, electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging port installations over the past decade.

The Renewables on the Rise dashboard analyzes 10 years of data from all 50 states allowing users to easily compare state-level data for key clean energy technologies. The dashboard also summarizes national trends by technology and identifies factors driving progress, including state and federal policies. 

Speakers at the launch event included:

  • Johanna Neumann, Senior Director of Environment America Research & Policy Center’s Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy
  • Tony Dutzik, Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Frontier Group
  • Sonia Aggarwal – Special Assistant to the President for Climate Policy, Innovation, and Deployment
  • Michelle Solomon, Policy Analyst Energy Innovation, LLC