Connecticut Legislature’s Regulation Review Committee Extends Wind Power Ban

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Environment Connecticut calls on General Assembly to take action to repeal the state’s wind power moratorium

Environment Connecticut

Hartford, CT – Earlier today the Connecticut General Assembly’s Regulation Review Committee for the fourth time since 2012 blocked CT Siting Council Regulations that would have ended the state’s ban on new wind power projects. The committee, led by co-chairman State Representative Selim Noujaim, forced the Siting Council to withdraw it’s proposal.

The state’s two and a half year old ban on wind power was enacted in 2011, ostensibly to provide time for the Siting Council to enact regulations governing the siting of wind turbines in the state. Those regulations were written in 2012, but unfortunately the legislative committee tasked with approving state agency regulations has repeatedly refused to do so. As a result, while wind power is growing quickly, Connecticut is sitting on the sidelines and potential developers are likely to abandon the state.

“Today, a handful of legislators decided once again to prevent Connecticut from reaping the benefits of clean, renewable, home grown wind energy,” said Environment Connecticut Campaign Director Chris Phelps.

“In 2012, wind energy was the single largest source of new electric generation added nationwide. Yet, Connecticut has been sitting on the sidelines. It’s time for Governor Malloy and the legislature to end the obstructionism of this handful of anti-wind power legislators and quickly act to repeal the wind power ban.”