Connecticut Solar Jobs Grew 62% in 2013

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Nationwide solar employment growing 10 times faster than rest of the economy.

Environment Connecticut

Hartford – Connecticut has more than 1,100 people employed manufacturing and installing pollution-free solar energy,   according to a national Solar Jobs Census released Tuesday, Feb 12 by The Solar Foundation.   According to the analysis, Connecticut added 420 new solar jobs between 2012 and 2013.

“The sun is an unlimited energy source that can play a huge role in cutting pollution from coal, oil, and gas,” said Chris Phelps, Environment Connecticut Campaign Director. “This report shows that after years of neglect, Connecticut’s solar industry is putting people to work building new, clean, affordable solar power. In no small part, this has been made possible by the pro-solar energy policies adopted since 2011.”

Solar power is growing rapidly in Connecticut and across the country. This progress is directly attributable to the commitment by states to the development of solar energy. In Connecticut, 2011 marked the beginning of renewed state support for solar power with adoption of energy legislation encouraging small and large scale solar installations as well as creation of  programs through the state’s “green bank” driving down the cost of solar for homeowners
“The sky is the limit for solar power. But still, only a fraction of our energy comes from the sun,” said Phelps. “Connecticut neighboring states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York are still far ahead of us in creating new jobs building solar power. This report shows that we are catching up to our neighbors and points to the economic and environmental opportunities that would come from going even bigger in our commitment to solar as a clean, affordable, and secure energy source for our future.”