CT Legislature Passes Toxic Fracking Waste Moratorium

Statement of Environment Connecticut Campaign Director, Chris Phelps

Environment Connecticut

Hartford – Just minutes before the end of the 2014 legislative session on May 7, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed SB 237, which establishes a minimum three year moratorium on the processing, storage, and dumping of toxic fracking waste in Connecticut.

“The moratorium is a first step towards keeping toxic and radioactive fracking waste out of CT. Unfortunately, other provisions in the bill fall short of the mark and more work is needed to ensure CT does not become the fracking industry’s toxic waste dumping ground.”

“Frackers in Pennsylvania and around the country generate hundreds of billions of gallons of toxic, and even radioactive waste, every single year. That waste has contaminated rivers, streams, water supplies, and threatened the health of families in community after community nationwide. The problem is so serious that frackers are looking for more places to dump their waste. The good news for Connecticut’s families is that this bill should mean that for the next few years, our communities will not become the fracking industry’s toxic waste dumping ground.”

“However, more effort is necessary in order to strengthen the law and keep toxic fracking waste out of Connecticut permanently. We will continue working to organize concerned citizens, environmental and public health advocates, local businesses, and local leaders across the state to urge regulators, legislators, and the governor to finish the job begun with this bill by enacting a permanent ban to stop the fracking industry from dumping its toxic waste in Connecticut.”