Statement: Governor Lamont makes ‘small down payment on huge climate mortgage’

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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced important executive actions on climate and energy, but more is needed

Environment Connecticut

Hartford – Gov. Ned Lamont  announced on Thursday executive actions his administration will take towards reducing the pollution fueling climate change in Connecticut. 

Environment Connecticut State Director Chris Phelps issued the following statement:

“As we enter 2022, the dangers from warming and climate change are rapidly increasing. Rising temperatures force schools to shut down and businesses to curtail operations on sweltering days. Farmers struggle with devastation to crops from extreme weather. Families face growing threats to their homes and safety from flooding and deadly storms.”

“Unfortunately, Connecticut’s lawmakers have repeatedly failed to give the danger of climate change the attention it requires. They have failed to cap pollution from transportation, failed to commit to 100% clean renewable energy, and put off serious climate action for the future.” 

“Governor Lamont’s executive order  has good ideas. Purchasing clean electricity for state properties and requiring manufacturers to produce more efficient appliances that use less energy are good steps to take. But they represent only a small down payment on the work necessary to win the race to stop climate change.”

“Speaking during today’s announcement, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Katie Dykes acknowledged that today’s actions are just a start and that Connecticut continues to fail to comply with its own law mandating climate pollution reductions.”

“Now it’s up to the state legislature and the governor to step up and lead on climate in 2022 by committing Connecticut to 100% clean, renewable energy and capping transportation pollution.”