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Environmental Defense

Goal: Defend protections for America’s water, our public lands, our oceans and our climate.
The price of a clean and healthy environment is, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, eternal vigilance—especially now as President Trump and his allies in Congress push to dismantle protections for our rivers, our public lands, our oceans and our climate. We’re building a green firewall in defense of America’s environmental protections.  
  • <h4>OUR WATER</h4><h5>We’re defending the funding the EPA needs to keep our waters clean, protections for nearly 2 million miles of streams, and more.</h5><em>Nicholas Thomas</em>
  • <h4>OUR PUBLIC LANDS</h4><h5>We’re protecting Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou, Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters, New Mexico’s Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks, and other national monuments.</h5><em>Bob Wick / BLM</em>
  • <h4>OUR OCEANS</h4><h5>We’re working to keep beaches and coastal wildlife along 90% of America’s coastline safe from new offshore oil and gas drilling.</h5><em>National Park Service</em>
  • <h4>OUR CLIMATE</h4><h5>We’re defending Clean Car standards, the Clean Power Plan and other programs that reduce the pollution that’s warming the planet and changing our climate.</h5><em>NASA</em>
  • <h4>ACTION & RESULTS</h4><h5>Our national network worked to put in place the Clean Water Rule, Clean Car standards, the Clean Power Plan, the current moratorium on offshore drilling, and new national monuments across the country.</h5><em>staff photo</em>
A green firewall on four fronts

We’re building our green firewall of defense on four main fronts:

Our water: We’re defending the EPA’s clean water programs and protections for nearly 2 million miles of our streams, which provide drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans.

Our public lands: From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters, 15 American presidents have protected some of our most special places as national monuments. We’re working to stop the Trump administration and Congress from removing or shrinking their protections.

Our oceans: The beauty of our beaches and the diversity of the ocean wildlife off our coasts are too precious to risk. We’re opposing the administration’s plan to open 90% of our coastal waters to offshore oil and gas drilling.

Our climate: We all want a safer, healthier future for America’s kids and grandkids. That’s why we must reduce the pollution that’s warming the planet and changing our climate. We’re opposing President Trump’s moves to dismantle existing limits on this pollution.

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Staff deliver more than 2 million petitions urging the Dept. of the Interior to protect public lands.
Jenny Nordstrom
The Environment America approach

Environment America always acts as a watchdog in Washington, D.C., keeping an eye on any legislation or policy that threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the places Americans love. Through all of our efforts, we strive to:

Put the environment first. A healthy environment isn’t the hoped-for by-product of our prosperity. It’s the necessary precondition and only sustainable source of our wellbeing. Through our research and public education, we’re working to win more hearts and minds to this point of view.

Take a strategic approach. We must think big and act boldly, but we recognize that progress comes one step at a time. Our focus is on making a difference in public policy and in our lives and our environment, not just making a statement.

Build on what works. We’ve taken actions and won policies that have resulted in cleaner rivers and streams, more and better protected public lands, better protected beaches and ocean wildlife, and real reductions in carbon pollution. We’ve worked hard to win these victories, and with our members and other supporters, we’re determined to defend them.

Work together. We work to unite people from all across the political spectrum around our environment, whether it’s small farmers who want clean water to grow their crops or lovers of the outdoors who want unspoiled places where they can raft or hike, hunt or fish, watch birds or gaze at the stars. Our advocates in Washington, D.C., lobby members of Congress from both parties. Our advocates in the states build coalitions that include business owners, doctors and nurses, religious leaders and people from all walks of life. Our organizers and canvassers engage literally hundreds of thousands of people. Our members and activists live in all 50 states.   

Bears Ears National Monument
Bob Wick / BLM
America can and will be a better steward

Millions of Americans have worked hard to make our country a better steward of our lands and waters, our wilderness and wildlife. They believe, as we do, that a world of smoggy skies, burning rivers and vanishing wildlife is not a world we have to live in anymore. Nor is it the future that any of us want for our children.

All of us should do all we can in our daily lives for our water, our lands, our oceans and our climate. But with America’s core environmental protections under attack, we need your help in Washington, D.C., right now.

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