Environment Florida applauds legislature for enacting voter-backed solar amendment

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Jennifer Rubiello

Environment Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — This week, the Florida legislature voted to implement Amendment 4, the constitutional amendment over seventy percent of voters approved last fall. The bill, SB 90, extends the tax break on solar equipment to businesses. The bill now goes to Governor Rick Scott.

Jennifer Rubiello, state director with Environment Florida, issued the following statement:

“We applaud the state legislature for listening to the will of Florida voters when it comes to removing barriers to solar; a move that will advance renewable energy here in the Sunshine State.  

“We all know that Florida has tremendous potential to tap into solar to provide pollution-free power for our homes, businesses and increasingly, modes of transportation.

“Today, Florida still ranks twelfth for solar power, behind states like New Jersey and Massachusetts. We hope this measure, and other efforts to encourage solar, will help our state climb in the solar rankings.

“We thank Senator Brandes for his support in moving this measure forward in a way that reflects the will of the citizens who voted for this pro-solar amendment.

“Ultimately, this is an important step in moving Florida away from dirty fuels and towards clean renewable sources.

“We urge the governor to support the will of Florida voters and encourage solar power by making this measure the law of the land.”