Senate Fracking Ban Bill on Life Support

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Jennifer Rubiello

Floridians Against Fracking Coalition responds to Senator Rob Bradley’s decision to leave fracking ban off committee agenda

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Tallahassee, FL – Yesterday, Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) posted the agenda for the February 27 Senate Appropriations Committee hearing. The agenda for this meeting does not include Sen. Dana Young’s (R-Tampa) fracking ban bill (SB 462).

Floridians Against Fracking, a statewide network of over 60 groups and 200 businesses, strongly disagrees with Senator Bradley’s decision to deny this bipartisan bill from moving to a full Senate floor vote.

Brian Lee, Floridians Against Fracking’s Legislative Director, stated “The fracking ban has broad, bipartisan support in both chambers because the people of Florida have been demanding it to protect our water, our tourism economy, and our natural resources. If a fracking ban does not end up on the governor’s desk to sign this session, the people of Florida will see that as a failure of leadership.”

The Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources have already unanimously approved Sen. Young’s fracking ban bill. Sen. Bradley voted yes on this legislation as the chair of the Environmental Preservation and Conservation committee.

While the House counterpart bill has not yet been heard in any committee, the House has indicated that it would take up the Senate version of the bill if it should pass.

Although the clock is ticking on the traditional committee process, Senate President Joe Negron (R-Palm City) has the power to bring this bill up for a vote directly on the Senate floor, or in a future, unscheduled Appropriations Committee.

To date, 90 local communities in Florida have issues ordinances or resolutions against fracking in the state. Senate leadership would be wise to look to them for guidance on this important environmental, health, and quality of life issue.

This wide-ranging support should guide Sen. Bradley towards recognizing the importance of this bill. Instead, his misguided decision is playing into the hands of Big Oil and Gas and their agenda, which values profits over Florida’s water.