Statement: Tampa takes huge step by adopting 100 percent renewable energy resolution

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Jenna Stevens

Josh Chetwynd

City becomes the 12th in Florida to chart a path toward 100 percent renewable energy

Environment Florida

TAMPA — The Tampa City Council voted 6 to 1 on Thursday to adopt a resolution in support of repowering the city with 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. Tampa joins eleven other cities in Florida and 180 cities across the country in taking action on climate change with bold commitments to renewable energy. 

Tampa’s resolution pledges support for 100 percent clean energy electrification, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, energy efficiency and other citywide endeavors to promote a transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

After state elected officials in Tallahassee voted this spring to limit the power of local governments to make local energy decisions, this resolution passed by the Tampa City Council shows that Floridians are dedicated to finding creative solutions to tackling the climate crisis.

Jenna Stevens, state director of Environment Florida, issued the following statement:

“The city of Tampa took a huge step forward in the path to a cleaner and greener future today. By transforming the way it produces and consumes energy, Tampa can have healthier communities and a liveable climate. This resolution puts the city on the right path to reaching that goal.

“Environment Florida, alongside the local Tampa Bay Climate Alliance, which spearheaded the effort, has supported a vision for 100 percent renewable energy transition for Tampa from the start.

“Tampa is increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Rising sea levels, stronger and more frequent hurricanes, and hotter days, put everything from our white sand beaches to our beloved wildlife at risk. Our society needs to move away from dirty fuels like coal, oil and gas and Tampa must be part of that movement. By setting a goal to repower our city with clean renewable energy, our local leaders are helping to protect everything that makes our city so special.

“The city council’s vote to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035 also sends an important message to our elected officials in Tallahassee. We need climate action now and if we don’t see statewide change then our local communities will lead the way.“