Support for VP Pick Sen. Tim Kaine

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Jennifer Rubiello

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla–Yesterday, Sec. Hillary Clinton announced U.S. Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. Environment America Executive Director Margie Alt released the following statement:

“Sen. Tim Kaine has a long history of standing up for the protection of our environment and the safety of our climate, and he’ll make an excellent vice president.

“As governor, Sen. Kaine conserved 400,000 acres of the commonwealth’s breathtaking open lands, allocated $1 billion in wastewater treatment plant upgrades to protect Virginians’ drinking water, and championed clean energy and action to solve the climate crisis. That’s why Environment America campaigned aggressively to help him become Virginia’s junior senator in 2012, making over 150,000 knocks on the doors of Virginia voters to educate them about his record.

“Sen. Kaine has met and exceeded expectations in the U.S. Senate, regularly standing up against attacks on our core clean energy and clean water rules and vocally opposing the dangerous, dirty Keystone pipeline. In fact, he hasn’t cast a single vote against the causes Environment America and our members care about.

“We were proud to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for president, and we’re just as proud to support the addition of Sen. Kaine to the ticket. We’re confident the two together will protect our country’s rivers, lakes and drinking water; safeguard our most treasured natural areas; and take us on a path away from dangerous global warming and toward 100 percent clean, renewable energy.”