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Tell NOAA: Protect North Atlantic Right whales

A North Atlantic Right whale and her calf breach the surface
North Atlantic Right whales are on the brink of extinction — but a change in the fishing industry could help save them.

Re: Amendments to the North Atlantic Right Whale Vessel Strike Reduction Rule

I urge you to finalize the strongest possible rule to protect North Atlantic Right whales from boat strikes. Thank you for proposing a rule that makes speed restrictions mandatory and expands which boats need to comply.

A stronger rule will help protect these critically endangered whales. Fewer than 350 North Atlantic Right whales remain in the ocean, and every loss makes it harder for them to recover.

While the rule expands the areas of seasonal slow speed zones, more times and areas should be included. Ensuring these protections are in place whenever North Atlantic Right whales are expected to be present is important to protect them throughout their migration.

NOAA should also improve enforcement of the non-speeding zones and require boats to use an Automatic Identification System (AIS) so that bad actors can be tracked and located.

Please enact the strongest possible protections for North Atlantic Right whales.