Georgians aim to reduce e-waste with Right to Repair Act

New legislation could help reduce our growing e-waste problem.

On Feb. 13, Rep. Scot Turner (Holly Springs) introduced a bill that would require access to what Georgians need to repair our electronics—including parts, tools, service manuals and repair software. The bill is aimed at tackling the many roadblocks that manufacturers put in place to make it harder for farmers, smartphone owners and others to fix the products we own.

“We throw out roughly 12,000 cell phones every day in Georgia, and that’s just absurd,” said Environment Georgia State Director Jennette Gayer. “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The companies that make so many of our products no longer give us what we need to fix them, and the result is extra cost for consumers, and toxic electronic waste.”

This bill is part of a nationwide effort to make it easier to repair disposable electronics.

Photo: Environment Georgia State Director (third from left) with a team of repair spokespeople in support of the Right to Repair legislation. Credit: Staff. 

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