New Data Shows Solar Jobs Growing in Georgia

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Environment Georgia

Atlanta, GA – Solar in Georgia now employs 3,924 people, a 23% increase from 2015, according to new data released today by the Solar Foundation. . Metro Atlanta was home to the most solar jobs (2,406) followed by Chatham and Bibb Counties. The Solar Foundation data breaks down solar jobs in Georgia by county, congressional district and metro area.

The new numbers come from the Solar Foundation’s 2016 solar jobs census. In 2016, solar jobs grew in 44 states including GA; solar now employs over 260,000 people nationwide.

The growth in solar jobs reflects the growth of solar itself. In 2016, solar was the number one new source of energy capacity installed in the United States. As solar grows, it has also reduced climate-warming emissions and helped to combat air pollution in Georgia.

Jennette Gayer from Environment Georgia released the following statement:

“Lately, Americans have had a hard time agreeing on some important issues facing our country. But I think we can all agree that solar energy is good for our economy, good for our environment and good for our local communities.

“As the numbers released today show, solar continues to grow rapidly in Metro-Atlanta and throughout Georgia, providing good local jobs for Georgians that also help to protect the environment.

“Every solar job we add in Georgia means we will continue to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and protect public health — all  while putting people to work in their communities.

“Ultimately we know we can and must repower our lives using 100 percent renewable energy in Georgia and across the country. We encourage leaders in all sectors to help solar continue to grow and meet this challenge. In doing so, Georgians will continue to benefit.”