Worlds Busiest Airport Takes First Step Towards Electrifying Bus Fleet

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Environment Georgia

On Monday May 7th the Atlanta City Council passed 18-R-3133 which will provide the funds to help purchase two electric shuttle buses to serve passengers traveling between terminals at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Electric vehicles are far cleaner than alternatives such as diesel or natural gas, with lower greenhouse gases and lower emissions of the pollutants that contribute to smog and particulate matter.

Electric buses are also a smart financial investment. Despite a higher upfront purchase price, current analysis using Argonne National Laboratory’s AFLEET Model demonstrates that zero emission electric buses have a total cost of ownership 21% lower than new diesel buses.  Maintenance costs for electric buses are between 70% and 79% lower than for compressed natural gas (CNG) and new diesel buses respectively, contributing to significant cost savings over the lifetime of a bus. Based on currently reported data, each all-electric bus will save over $200,000 as compared to a new diesel bus purchase.

A statement from Jennette Gayer, Executive Director of Environment Georgia follows:

“We applaud the Atlanta City Council for supporting this ordinance which will help make our airport a leader in clean transportation technology. As the world’s busiest airport Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can set an important example to airports making ground transportation decisions around the globe.

The environmental, economic and resilience benefits that come with electric buses point to a future dominated by this technology. We are excited Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International will be a leader and a model for this clean transportation future moving forward.”