Clockwise: Lisa Frank, Johanna Neumann, Shanika Whitehurst, Zack Surmacz
Johanna Neumann | TPIN

Energy efficiency

Recording of Winter Weatherization webinar

Our panel of experts walked through D.I.Y. weatherization projects and taking advantage of the federal and state incentive programs to reduce energy use, lower bills and make living spaces more comfortable.

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Methane Gas Leaks

Fossil fuel pollution

Methane Gas Leaks

Methane gas (often known as natural gas) has heated the homes of many Americans for over a century — and for over a century, it has been prone to leaks, putting communities and the environment in danger.


Georgia’s Dirtiest Power Plants
Georgia's Dirtiest Power Plants

Clean air

Georgia’s Dirtiest Power Plants

Electricity powers all aspects of our lives, but the way it is generated is accelerating climate change. There are still more than 3,400 fossil-fuel fired power plants operating in the United States today, and electricity production is Georgia’s second largest source of global warming pollution. However, a small number of dirty power plants have an outsized impact on our planet. That is why we are calling on EPA and Congress to take aggressive action to limit global warming pollution from power plants.


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