Environment Georgia Releases State Environmental Scorecard

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Senators and Representatives Scored on Solar, Litter, Pipelines and More

Environment Georgia

Atlanta, GA—Environment Georgia has released a scorecard that tracks the environmental votes that state senators and representatives took during the 2015 and 2016 legislative session.

“This scorecard is about evaluating the most important action our legislators take: voting,” explained Environment Georgia’s director, Jennette Gayer. “We looked at some really important votes that have real impacts on Georgia’s air, water and greenspaces.”

The scorecard covers eight bills or resolutions in 2015, including SB 139 which would have prohibited local governments from regulating plastic and Styrofoam trash, and HB 57, the Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act. In 2016, Environment Georgia scored an additional eight bills or resolutions including two pieces of legislation aimed at limiting the impact of oil and gas pipelines.

Legislators who scored a 100% in 2015 include: Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (GA-82), Rep. Debbie Buckner (GA 137), Sen. Nan Orrock (GA-36), Sen. Vincent Fort (GA-39), Sen. Elena Parent (GA-42), Sen. Gail Davenport (GA-44) and Sen. Gloria Butler (GA-55).

In 2016, Rep. Scott Holcomb (GA-81), Rep. Karla Drenner (GA-85), Sen. Ed Harbison (GA-15), Sen. Michael Rhett (GA-33), Sen. Horacena Tate (GA-38), Sen. Steve Henson (GA-41), Sen. Elena Parent (GA-42), Sen. Renee Unterman (GA-45), and Sen. Gloria Butler (GA-55) scored 100%. 

“Our hope is that Georgians will use this scorecard as a tool when they are evaluating their options at the ballot box and beyond,” said Gayer. “We also acknowledge that scorecards only tell part of the story, important legislation that would help our environment often fails to even get a vote in committee.”

The scorecard can be accessed here via an online tool that allows users to enter their address to find their legislator or browse thru the entire legislature. A full copy is also available on Environment Georgia’s website.