Georgia Solar Jobs Grew 225% in 2013

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Nationwide solar employment growing 10 times faster than rest of the economy.

Environment Georgia

Georgia has roughly 2,600 people employed manufacturing and installing pollution-free solar energy, according to a national Solar Jobs Census released today by The Solar Foundation.   According to the analysis, Georgia ranks 16th in nation.

“The sun is an unlimited energy sources that could provide all of our energy without the air and water pollution associated with coal, oil and gas,” said Jennette Gayer with Environment Georgia. “This report shows that the solar industry is putting people to work to meet a growing percentage of our energy needs with a pollution-free energy source that has no fuel costs.”

Solar is on the rise in Georgia and across the country.  This progress is directly attributable to the commitment by Georgians and their leaders to the development of solar energy.  Recently, Environment Georgia released a report emphasizing that it is not the availability of sunlight that makes states solar leaders, but the degree to which state and local governments have created effective public policies.

Georgia’s state legislature is currently considering HB 874, The Solar Power Free-Market Financing and Property Rights Act which would allow property owners to contract directly with solar financing companies and avoid the up-front costs of purchasing and installing solar panels. Environment Georgia supports the legislation.

 “We’ve made great progress on solar in Georgia. But, we’ve barely scratched the surfaced of its potential to meet our energy needs,” said Gayer. “To truly capture the environmental and economic benefits solar energy, we must take it to the next level and rally around a bigger vision on solar while defending and improving the programs that work today.”