Statement: Biden expresses transformative vision in ‘Build Back Better’ infrastructure plan

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Investments in shovel-worthy infrastructure projects are top priorities for supporting public health, environment

Environment Georgia

ATLANTA– President Joe Biden will unveil his “Build Back Better” infrastructure package on Wednesday in Pittsburgh, the same Pennsylvania city where he first announced his presidential campaign in 2019. Based on the fact sheet released by the White House on Wednesday morning, his plan focuses infrastructure investments on key measures to improve public health and the environment, including expanding electric transportation, removing lead from drinking water and strengthening our electric grid.

These are among the priorities proposed by our sister organization, Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center in a report last November. That report laid out a transformative vision for stronger, more sustainable infrastructure that would support public health, the environment and build a future powered by clean energy. Across the political spectrum, the public widely supports investments in our nation’s infrastructure: More than 360 local officials, including City and County leaders from Georgia, delivered a letter earlier this month to the Biden administration and Congress calling for infrastructure investment.

Jennette Gayer Environment Georgia’s director said:

“So much of the United States was built in the 19th and 20th centuries with a lack of knowledge of the environmental and health impacts — and with fossil fuels in mind. It’s long past time to repair our pothole-stricken roads, revamp our energy production with renewable sources and replace our lead-laden pipes. President Biden’s plan truly will help us ‘Build Back Better.’

“From funding to replace lead-bearing faucets and fountains in Georgia’s schools to support for EV charging stations, electric buses and solar tax credits, Build Back Better restores our government’s commitment to invest in clean water and a clean energy future for Georgia.