2019-2020 Georgia Environmental Scorecard

The 2020 Environmental Scorecard evaluates how legislators voted on key environmental issues over the course of the two year legislative session. These votes include everything from addressing coal ash to moving to protect Georgians from toxics. We hold them responsible for the actions that they took to protect or harm our environment and citizens. We're pushing for change that will ensure a safer and healthier environment for Georgia.

Clean water


Environment Georgia & Georgia Conservation Voters

2019-2020 Environmental Scorecard

Our planet matters, and so do the people of Georgia.

To explore the details of our scorecard download the report or explore our online tool.

Our scorecard helps you understand which state legislators have been taking steps to protect the environment and which have not.

The need to conserve and protect Georgia’s environment cannot be understated. We have five distinct geographic regions, or “physiographic provinces” that host six ecoregions. Each ecoregion features extraordinary land and waterscapes that are home to unique plants and animals. The people, plants, and wildlife of our great state depend on fourteen significant watersheds. With over one hundred miles of coastline, and the two-thousandmile long Appalachian Trail beginning in Georgia’s mountain, there is plenty for which we should be thankful. Unfortunately, there’s also plenty at risk.

Over the last four years, Georgia and the rest of the country’s environment has been under threat due to rollbacks of federal protections and oversight by the U.S. EPA. The current administration has reversed water safety standards, stripped land protections, and opened public lands to private industry extraction. All of these actions place the health and safety of every Georgian and American at risk. In moments like these, we need state and local leaders to ensure that our lands, air, and water are all protected.

We know that Georgians care about protecting our state’s unique places and conserving natural resources for generations to come. That’s why Environment Georgia and the Georgia Conservation Voters team up to publish our biennial scorecard. The scorecard keeps Georgians informed about which legislators are committed to protecting the health of Georgians and Georgia’s beautiful greenspaces and which legislators are not.


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