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Our country’s reliance on fossil fuels is leaving millions of Americans with polluted air to breathe.

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If we don't protect the environment then we can’t protect its natural services that are essential to our survival. Michael "Pic" Petelle, Member, Environment Georgia

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RESOURCE: The 10 most polluting power plants in Georgia

Fossil fuel pollution

RESOURCE: The 10 most polluting power plants in Georgia

Atlanta, GA– Ahead of the Georgia Public Service Commission’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) decision and the Supreme Court’s decision on West Virginia vs Environmental Protection Agency, a case that will determine the EPA’s authority to regulate climate pollution, Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center released a new factsheet ranking Georgia’s dirtiest power plants. Though increased renewable energy generation has led to decreased emissions from the power sector, more than 3,400 fossil-fuel power plants are still contaminating American skies and contributing to climate change.

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