Ft. Moore’s Clean Energy Leadership

Dennis Schroeder | Public Domain
Ft. Moore is home to a 30 MW solar array which generates enough to power 3400 homes with clean energy annually.

Ft. Moore, an Army base near Columbus, GA has an impressive clean energy track record. Environment Georgia & Clean Energy Columbus teamed up to host their energy engineer Damian Haye in a lunch and learn to learn more about their successes, including:

  • A 30 MW solar installation that creates enough power to run 4300 homes annually.
  • 34 solar charging stations that are used to power electric vehicles as the base works to meet a goal of 100 percent zero-emission vehicle fleet acquisitions by 2035 (for non-tactical vehicles).
  • A commitment to energy efficiency improvements such as LED lighting and building weatherization that will save Ft. Moore $1.57 million annually.

Environment Georgia works to encourage Columbus and other cities around Georgia to follow Ft. Moore’s lead and commit to bold clean energy initiatives that can help reduce pollution and make a clean energy future in Georgia a reality.


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