Building a foam free Illinois

Take action to reduce plastic pollution.

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Some types of plastic – like single-use plastics –  don’t belong in 2023. Takeout containers and plastic packaging and bags are all kinds of “stuff” that end up in landfills, litter our parks and streets, and wash into rivers and lakes. These plastics remain in our environment for hundreds of years. 

Plastic not only threatens the world’s environments, from mountaintops to lakes and oceans, but also threatens wildlife when they mistake plastic for food. Environment Illinois is working on several campaigns to tackle the plastic pollution problem, including working with the Coalition for Plastic Reduction toward statewide legislation to ditch polystyrene foam food containers and cups. We are also working with our national partners to get corporations to make commitments to reduce plastic.

We need your support in our work to reduce single-use plastics. Take action today.

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A day without plastic

Do you think you could go a single day without single-use plastics? Read about the challenges here, and try your hand at making it one day without single-use plastics.


Emily Kowalski

Outreach & Engagement Manager, Environment Illinois

Emily manages the marketing and public engagement strategy for Environment Illinois's campaigns, including our campaign to protect the Great Lakes from plastic pollution. Emily lives in Chicago where she enjoys knitting and biking.

Cate Osborne

Environment Illinois Intern

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