The Coalition for Plastic Reduction

Environment Illinois facilitates the Coalition for Plastic Reduction, a statewide coalition of environmental and public interest organizations and civic institutions working to address the plastic crisis in Illinois through meaningful policy change.

Who We Are

The Coalition for Plastic Reduction (CPR) is a membership coalition made up of 25 organizations and cultural institutions in the state of Illinois. We recognize the threat that the ballooning plastic crisis poses to our environment and communities and know that the only way to address it is by working together. We build support and advocate for policies that will reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our environment.

The Problem

Every day, people throw away tons of plastic “stuff,” particularly single-use plastics like cups, bags, containers, plasticware and more. Because plastic takes so long to degrade, almost every piece of plastic ever produced is still out there, clogging our landfills and polluting our waterways. Twenty-two million pounds of plastic enter the Great Lakes each year, and half of litter collected in the Chicago River is related to single-use food packaging.

Plastic is also a climate issue. Plastic is made from fossil fuels, and it’s estimated that the greenhouse gas emissions from plastics will outpace those from coal by 2030. The entire life cycle of plastic – from production to distribution to disposal – is harming our communities and environment.

City and state governments across the country have taken the lead on reducing single-use plastics through policy action. It’s time for Illinois to take action; our health and the health of our regional ecosystems are at stake.

The Solution

Reducing waste at the source — preventing it from ever being created in the first place — is the only real solution to reducing the many harms caused by single-use plastics throughout their life cycle. Well-designed policies reduce pollution at the source, address disproportionate harm to frontline communities and advance equity and environmental justice. To that end, CPR seeks to advance policies in Illinois that would limit production, distribution, and use of single-use plastics.

Our Members

Alliance for the Great Lakes 

Blacks in Green 

Bright Beat

Bring It Chicago 

Bring Your Own Glen-Ed 


Chicago Environmentalists 

Chicago Recycling Coalition 

Climate Reality Project/Zero Waste Warriors 

Environmental Defenders 

Environment Illinois 

Faith in Place 

Friends of the Chicago River 

Go Green: Barrington, Vernon Hills & Lincolnshire

Go Plastic Free 

Illinois Environmental Council 

Illinois PIRG 

League of Women Voters Chicago 

Organizing for Plastics Alternatives 


Seven Generations Ahead 

Shedd Aquarium 

Sierra Club Illinois Chapter 

The Field Museum 

Will County Green 

Learn more about the coalition here.

Are you a restaurant or small business owner? Get involved in our Restaurants for Plastic Reduction network here.



Paloma Paez-Coombe

Associate, Environment Illinois

Paloma lives in Chicago, where she loves to cook, garden, and explore nearby forest preserves.

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