Associate, Environment Illinois

Started on staff: 2019
B.A., Haverford College
Paloma lives in Chicago, where she loves to cook, garden, and explore nearby forest preserves.

Posts by Paloma Paez-Coombe
The Coalition for Plastic Reduction

Beyond plastic

The Coalition for Plastic Reduction

Environment Illinois facilitates the Coalition for Plastic Reduction, a statewide coalition of environmental and public interest organizations and civic institutions working to address the plastic crisis in Illinois through meaningful policy change.

2022 Program Agenda

Wildlife & wild places

2022 Program Agenda

The legislative session provides us with an opportunity to make progress on pieces of policy that will help us protect our clean air and water, and build a healthier future for all Illinoisans. Every year, Environment Illinois sets goals and priorities around our key issues. Our 2022 program agenda lays out our top priority issues that we'll weigh in on this year. 

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