Coalition for Plastic Reduction: Statement

A statewide coalition of environmental and public interest organizations and civic institutions working to address the plastic crisis in Illinois through meaningful policy change.

Who We Are

The Coalition for Plastic Reduction (CPR) is a membership coalition made up of 25 organizations and cultural institutions in the state of Illinois. We recognize the threat that the ballooning plastic crisis poses to our environment and communities and know that the only way to address it is by working together. We build support and advocate for policies that will reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our environment.

Our Mission

Reducing waste at the source — preventing it from ever being created in the first place — is the only real solution to reducing the many harms caused by single-use plastics throughout their life cycle. Well-designed policies reduce pollution at the source, address disproportionate harm to frontline communities and advance equity and environmental justice. To that end, CPR seeks to advance policies in Illinois that would limit production, distribution, and use of single-use plastics

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