Greener Together

Reconnecting with nature and each other

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Right now, people across the country are turning to the outdoors and nature as a refuge. Nature can calm us and reconnect us with ourselves, with other people and with the world around us. As people are practicing social distancing, with and without kids at home, we want to provide opportunities to connect with the natural world and other like-minded people through engaging events, fun activities and helpful guides to help foster this connection.

Green events

With shelter-in-place orders locking down parts of the country, many of us now find our involvement with people outside our own households limited to a small number of “essential activities.” These events for kids and adults are aimed at keeping us connected in these trying times. Learn more.

Green activities for kids

While we grapple with the inevitability of long stretches of boredom, here are some resources to help spend time with your kids by learning about the planet and how to protect it. Learn more.

Green tips and guides

Looking for more ways to connect with nature in your neighborhood as well as what to read, watch and listen to? All with a focus on the environment? We've got you covered. Learn more.

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Green events

Green Kids: A weekly 30-minute environmental webinar for kids to learn about nature and do fun activities. Every Wednesday at 11am Pacific. Open to kids of all ages. RSVP here.

Conservation Conversation: Join us every Thursday at 4pm Pacific for a 30-minute presentation and discussion about interesting things found in the natural world. Learn more.

Take a special Earth Day action

Tell the EPA: Ban the worst uses of bee-killing pesticides