Drive Less. Live More.

We’re making it easier, healthier and safer to get around without a car.

Green Lane Project via Flickr | Public Domain

America’s cities and roads are built for cars, not people — and it’s having a real impact on our health and the health of our planet. For many, there’s no option to get around other than to drive. 

As a result, our streets are packed with polluting vehicles that are pumping climate-warming carbon into the atmosphere and polluting the air we breathe. This has made transportation the single largest source of carbon emissions in the United States.

Our country is built for cars — but it doesn’t need to be. If our leaders prioritize transportation funding that makes it easier, safer and more affordable for people to take a train or bus, to share rides, or to bike or walk, then more of us will choose to travel without a car. We’ll have cleaner air and safer roads, and we’ll be leaving a healthier climate for our children and grandchildren.